Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Market

Yesterday we all went to the market. There were several people who went in the AUN shuttle and I was doubly glad that I had been the only one two weeks ago. Our driver, instead of walking around with us, relaxed in the shuttle. We happily found vegetables and baking supplies. We looked at other things that we didn't buy. We also got some baby powder. It was not too hot, and I am happy to report that we didn't get rained (except for a couple of drops while we waited for the shuttle). We had some children follow us a while who were looking for money.
One of the fun things was at the cake store where Prince played catch with some kids with his Nemo fish (yes the one that is now gone). We haven't seen him willing to play with many children since we have been here. They were much older than him, but it was very cute.
It was the happiest thing for our family this weekend and I am grateful that we went.
 -- Joy