Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today I Saw

Today I saw a motorcycle repair shack with mufflers hanging from a twisting, dead tree like Christmas ornaments from Tim Burton's biker phase.

Today I saw a truck carrying at least half a dozen long-curvy-horn cattle to market, with four or five guys clinging to the support beams above the cattle. We had a discussion in the car about why they didn't sit on the support structure and would much rather stand as it drove.

Today I saw my incoming freshman, texting away and listening to iPods during the Dean's speech ... but not many.

Today I saw a mosque in a gas station. Y'know, gas, groceries, motor oil, and prayer. The usual.

Today I saw a beautiful sunset across a green field, overlooking beautiful green hills. This is a sight I will try to recall during the dry months.

Saturday Joy saw a chicken be slaughtered for our food. "No, not really. I chose the live chicken that we were going to buy. I saw someone cutting chickens in pieces. I didn't actually see anyone die. And then they had me go somewhere to sit and wait with my driver until my chicken came along, defeathered, in pieces, in a bag." And here I had envisioned something much more colorful. "Oh, I've watched them be killed before. My uncle would break their neck." Right. Forgot about that.

On Thursday I saw 504 motorcycles on the way to work and 4 bicycles.
On Friday I saw 63 goats, 4 cattle (3 cows and a bull), 2 chickens, and a small flock of unidentified birds on the way home.