Thursday, August 11, 2011

Laundry Day

I want to share with you some of the things that I mentioned in my journal tonight, since I am not able to get to sleep yet.

I am really grateful for our neighbor who let us wash our clothes in his washing machine and that Derrill started our wash a midnight and did a few loads before going back to bed and to work. I was able to do a load about every couple hours during the day (2.5 hours per load for the wash) and we got our last one out of the wash and into the dryer at 9pm. That has to be a record laundry day for us. Prince was very helpful. His official job was to pull the small suitcase around that we were toting laundry in to get it to the washing machine, dryer, and to our home (across the hall). We have our own washer and dryer, but only the dryer is working right now so it was such a blessing to us his. I was  just about to start washing clothes in our bathtub.

I am also thankful that Prince hasn’t thrown up since Monday. Monday morning in all our lack of laundry facilities, he couldn’t keep his breakfast down, There were three targets hit besides the toilet: Derrill, just as he was leaving for work (had to change his shirt and Prince’s), our bed (thankfully there was a sheet on it), and a rug in our room (Doo doo voodoo to the rescue (as soon as I find it). I was also grateful that he kept down every meal thereafter.

I am also hopeful that there will be another family living here that are members of the church we attend. If it really pans out that they come the mission president has said that they will organize us into a branch not just a group. That would be awesome. A family told us they are coming in September.

I am also thankful to have a playpen for Princess to sleep in. Derrill picked it up from some new friends today and she is in it now.

Yesterday a friend whom we asked how to get more water for our cooler, stopped by with water for us and bought us some more as well. Things like that are amazingly wonderful when you haven’t figured out how to get around yet. You have to love these nice people :) I am going to try to get to sleep again.

Random thought for the day: There are a certain number of new smells for me in Nigeria and I have determined that one of them is insect repellant.