Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today I Saw

I'm not going to try to describe "what Africa is like" on this blog because that's impossible. The continent is too varied, and even Nigeria is twice the size of California and would hold half the population of the US. That also means, though, that there are some interesting things for a person to look at while being driven to work. So I'm going to start regularly mentioning things I saw that were interesting. I may or may not comment on why they were interesting - it might be unusual or familiar; it might be artistic or practical;

Today I saw a roadside shopowner - one of the dozens upon dozens lining the main roads - sweeping the red dirt off the main road to make his stall more attractive.

Today I saw a fellow on a motorcycle - another thing there are dozens upon dozens of - whose passenger was holding up a wheelbarrow behind the bike (making it an in-line three-wheeler motorcycle).

Today I saw the Adamawa State extension centre. I'm going to have to go back to take a closer look.

Every time I'm on the road, including today, I saw the tire shack. One of the roadside shopowners has some motorcycle tires hanging from the wooden frame of his store and a small stack of car tires by it. For some reason it's the single most fascinating store to me.

Today I saw several pharmacies. The most interesting was named "Just Mediocre Pharmacy." Some people might be tempted to make a quip that there is real honesty in advertising, but that may not be assured; it could be a Pretty Terrible Pharmacy in disguise. I'm planning on visiting to find that out too someday.