Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Princess Smiles

Princess started smiling in the airports on our way to Nigeria. A good omen, we thought.

Today, to celebrate my birthday no doubt, she laughed for the first time while awake.

Joy got a lot of pictures of her, and by simply sitting there snapping away got a handful of her beautiful, developing smiles.

Prince patting her head got a lot of the smiles, which also delighted him, of course.

I've been very good at getting her to smile lately. The big thing was making vowel sounds at her. She becomes entranced by my mouth and face, and if we both make the same sound, she gets these big grins on her face that last until I can get the camera.

Joy says, "I'm the only one who can't make her smile." Maybe, but you're the only one who can stop her worst crying, and avoiding unhappiness is a great part of the battle.

 The birthday festivities.

Joy improvised a wonderful four-layer cake: bread, Nutella, bread, Nutella ... Simple and beloved by all.

Joy got me a second copy of Civilization IV - I had lost mine, we got the second copy, and then I found my old one. At the moment, I'm just as glad to have two. Civ IV was such a delight and there was so much of it I hadn't had a chance to explore yet fully... To sit down tonight and play some Civ - my first chance in months - was a real treat.

I also got Scooby Doo's All-Star Laffalympics, if any of you remember that silly Hanna Barbera Saturday morning cartoon of recycled footage. Prince and I watched it this morning, but he was not pleased. "It was too long. Then it ended. I was happy." Then again, he doesn't know any of them. To me, seeing Dynomutt the Dog Wonder or Hong Kong Fooey or all the Yogi's Ark gang bring back many, many memories of hours of delightful cartoons.

My parents gave me some additional presents before we left town. Several are in transit, or would be if they had left New Orleans. The one I'm enjoying most that's with us is a DS game, Radiant Historia, an Anime RPG involving time travel through alternate histories. It ought to be more non-linear than it is, but it's quite entertaining notwithstanding. Very well thought-out.