Monday, August 15, 2011

Nigeria may be good for my teeth

All while we were preparing to have a baby, packing and moving, and all the things connected with those life changes, we were trying to get some dentistry done in Ithaca. But one appointment got canceled, another appointment they postponed on us, and another we all agreed was not a very good idea because I was coughing so hard that no work could be done. The shop put us on standby and gradually got our appointments in one at a time.

My last one was a day or two before we left Ithaca. At that appointment, I learned that my allergy medicine was bad for my teeth, or my gums more specifically. The allergy meds dry out your mouth. With not as much saliva, the gum line recedes -- as if men needed another receding line. This creates larger and larger gaps between teeth for food to get stuck and for cold to hurt. Their recommendation was to try chewing xylitol gum, use a toothbrush with extra-soft bristles (check), and get out of Ithaca.

I couldn't find xylitol gum in Ithaca. I did find it here in Nigeria.
In Nigeria, my allergies aren't so bad, so I don't need the medicine that dries out my mouth.
Most importantly, the beef is really tough and stringy. Every time we eat it (read: lunch and dinner Tue-Sat), I got pieces stuck perniciously in my teeth. That means flossing at least twice a day. Keep this up, and Nigeria may be very good for my teeth.
 -- Derrill