Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turned Upside Down

Nigeria has me turned upside down and I'm not really sure how to flip it back.

I'm a night owl. Before I got married, I was a vampire. I never was and never aspired to being a morning person. Mornings are when I hurt all over, and who wants to be a hurt-all-over person? Mornings are when my wife has learned it's often happier if she doesn't talk to me because at best I can literally grunt at her. My morning shower restores life and eases pains. Nighttime is fun time though. Life can begin. Work, play, whatever you want - it's better at night. I go to bed before midnight to humor her.

So why am I so tired it hurts by 9pm? Or sometimes 8? Why am I waking up fresh and invigorated before 6am with a clear head and no pain?

WHO AM I????
 -- Formerly known as Derrill