Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prince talks about Nigeria

Hi there. Prince here to tell you all about Nigeria.

"We're going to Nigeria and our new house. Mommy didn't want to go to Nigeria. You wanted to go and I wanted to go, bu Mommy didn't want to go to Nigeria." [Where he gets this idea, I'm not at all sure. Mommy has wanted to go as much as anyone.]

What do you like about Nigeria?

"I like that I go to Nigeria. I like to be in Nigeria to go to a new house. I like watching a movie and stuff. I like watching movies." [He probably means watching TV on the last flight to Abuja.]

What movies do you like?

"I like Mickey's Prince and the Pauper. That's it."

And that looks to be about all I'm going to get out of him right now.

Prince and I played with his alphabet and number blocks today. He lined up each person in the family with a number, slightly differently than he did a few months ago:

1 - Prince
2 - Daddy
3 - Mommy
4 - Princess
5 - Pop
6 - Grandma Boo
7 - Uncle Doug
8 - Paris

Clearly, Uncle Doug made a pretty big impression while we were in Utah. I asked him what Uncle Doug says, and he told me about what he said when he put Paris in time out. Interestinger and interestinger.
 -- Derrill