Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two Princely Parodies

He cries from his time out, "I want to be Daddy's helper! I want to be Daddy's helper! Daddy's helper!" I sing back to him:

If you wanna to be my helper
You gotta do what I say.
Yes I know you're too cute
But when will you obey-eeyay?
If you wanna be my helper
You gotta do what I say.
Cause if you keep on fighting,
You'll-be in time out all day!


The other is a parody from every truck stop along the way in loving memory of Tex Ritter, below the fold because that's the only place for a song like this.
There was ... p'oo on the toilet
And ... p'oo on the walls
And a greeeeat biiiiig p'uddle ... of p'oo on the ground.

A toddler had made it
And ... yet he had not.
While he cleans his pants I see...
His shirt is full of snooo-oooot.

Yes, it's been a long set of drives. We're having a good time.

(Connection to the comic, I'm thinking of the truck stop bathroom as a 10x10 room with a treasure chest and a monster.)