Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Party at President’s Home

My favorite outing so far in Yola was a dinner that we went to as a family provided for by the AUN President Margee Ensign. She is a very kind woman. The dinner was to welcome new faculty and staff. We were picked up at our home at 16 flats. On the shuttle I met a really nice couple, Jorgee and Diana. I really loved Diana, she was kind and comfortable to talk to. They will both be working for AUN and came from South America. I hope to get to know them both better.
When we got to there we chatted and met people and were invited to start eating by Margee. It was a lovely meal, delicious, plentiful, and good variety. There were also people to meet that had been at AUN for a long time to greet us. While eating, when we were almost done, everyone was invited to introduce themselves. It was nice, I wish I had a piece of paper to help me remember names. A very kind person also offer to let us use their driver to get home early. After we introduced ourselves last in the group, we left and put our little ones to bed.
Prince was occupied by Daddy’s phone for some of the time, but was losing ground fast a little bit before we left.
It was a comfortable and happy evening. Thanks Margee.
Derrill adds: By the time it was our turn to introduce ourselves, Prince was going just a little crazy. He pulled on my face and distorted it and was almost wrestling with me. So with this monkey on me, I introduced myself as “my son’s plaything.” Someone asked what courses Prince teaches. I answered, “He teaches me to have fun.”