Saturday, August 20, 2011

Winter in Yola

It's winter. Boy is it ever. I mean, it sometimes gets down to 75 degrees at night, and it's only 85 sometimes. Can you imagine? A body can even be outside sometimes without breaking into a sweat!

Our weather widget from the BBC isn't that accurate about how often it rains, but we have had a few showers and the grass and trees are in full bloom.

Where you can really tell it's winter is inside. AC units here are pretty powerful and universally aimed at me. In The living room, it's aimed at the couch. In the bedroom, it's my side of the bed. I sleep with two blankets, you realize, because 70 degrees is just frigid.

For matriculation [right] , the AC units were so powerful that I got chilled even in my heavy graduation robes! At the faculty retreat, the setting was a more reasonable 80 and it felt like a pleasant cool breeze.

Incidentally, this is the first blog post written on my new iPad that all faculty got to help us be more effective teachers. So here I am teaching you about the weather.