Sunday, August 28, 2011

Princess' Blessing

Last month we were in California to have Princess blessed at my parents' church. Both of my grandmothers were able to attend and my brother and his wife recently moved there too, so it was a right proper family reunion. She was blessed in the same outfit in which I and my mother brother were blessed ... possibly my grandmother too. I can trust my parents to chime in and correct me if I'm wrong. My mother made it. Apparently there was an older cap that had been used for three generations (hence my confusion), but Joy crocheted this bonnet.

Joining me in the blessing itself were my father, my brother, the bishop, the stake president, and a brother who had been stuck advising me and my cohort as a bishop's counselor for the better part of four teenage years. There are other dear friends and advisers I would have gladly asked to join us, but poor planning on my part prevented it. It was a lovely event, though next time (?) we need to find someone to watch Prince and Princess so Joy can appreciate it too.

My fellow Americans, we are joined here
to celebrate the birth of a new nation,,uh, person,
the first Watson daughter in over 100 years.
I will strive to be worthy of the vast
expectations and dreams that have been
entrusted me  - foisted upon me, really -
from my earliest hours. And furthermore...
She drones on and on, man. C'mon.
It's not like we haven't seen a baby before.